Take an unforgettable journey with us! Experience Serbia and all its beauties! This is a tour that includes all the most beautiful places in Serbia. You will visit three largest cities in Serbia, each of them is unique and tells its own story. You will take a boat ride on the Danube through the Djerdap gorge and visit the medieval Golubac fortress. You will see the incredible natural phenomenon of the Devil’s Town.  

And for the end, you will enjoy Zlatibor, the most beautiful Serbian mountain with excursions (Uvac, Mokra Gora, Tara, Stopića cave, Etno village Sirogojno, tematic park El Paso city) included.

Experience unforgettable moments in the Serbian capital, get acquainted with the culture and history, try the best Serbian dishes and traditional brandy drinks. Enjoy the incredible natural beauties of Serbia!

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1. Day

We’ll meet you at the airport. We are going to Novi Sad, second largest city of Serbia. First we take you to a hotel. You don't have to hurry; we will wait for you as long as you want.

At a time you want, we can start with getting to know the city center.

We’ll see Dunavska and Zmaj Jovina Street that compose city’s pedestrian zone, the City Hall, Catholic Church, old city center and Synagogue.

Then we’ll follow to the right bank of Danube and a visit to Petrovaradin where the Fortress is located. It was built of medieval fortification foundation by Austrians in the 17th and 18th century in order to defend themselves from Turks. The Fortress is sometimes called „Danube’s Gibraltar“ because of its strategic position.

Nowadays the Fortress is famous for one of the most prestigious music festivals EXIT.

After a tour of the fortress, returning to the city center and going to dinner. After the dinner we will show you the nightlife of Novi Sad and take you to some of the best clubs, depending on your wishes.

2. Day

After breakfast check out from hotel and departure to Fruška Gora, a mountain near the city.

We will enjoy nature and walks in the fresh air. Here we will visit some of the most important Serbian monasteries and get acquainted with Serbian history. We will visit the monasteries of Krusedol, Hopovo and Grgeteg. You will hear interesting stories about these places and why they are important for Serbia. After visiting Fruška Gora, we go to Sremski Karlovci. We will enjoy a walk through this nice little town and get to know its sights. We will take a lunch break in one of the restaurants of Serbian cuisine, where you will have the opportunity to try the best dishes. After lunch and a short break we go to one of the many wineries for wine tasting, for which this town is famous.

After relaxing at the winery, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste and buy the best wines, we are going to Zemun, which was once a separate city on the border of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire, and today is one of the Belgrade municipalities. We visit the center of Zemun, the old part of town – Gardoš and Zemun quay. We will enjoy a walk along the Danube.

In the afternoon we leave for Belgrade and accommodation in a hotel. After settling into the hotel, we’ll take a short walk and get to know the city center.

You will walk through the centre of Belgrade and get to know life and the people in it. We visit Knez Mihajlova Street, Trg Republike, Obilićev Venac, Dorćol and the Bajrakli Mosque.

You will hear a story about the history of Belgrade, as well as stories from the everyday life of its inhabitants.

We will show you the best restaurants and cafes and all the places where you can return on your own.

After the walk, we take you to the most famous street with Serbian restaurants – Skadarlija, to taste one of the traditional Serbian dishes. It is the right time to enjoy a glass of the best Serbian brandy (rakija). We can stay with you at the restaurant and continue the story about Belgrade or we can wait for you outside. Everything according to your wishes and your mood! After dinner, we’ll show you the centre of nightlife in the Balkans!

Belgrade is a city that is proud of its history and culture, as well of its very rich nightlife. In accordance with your wishes and musical taste, we will organize a party at the best places in the city. Just tell us what do you want to do, do you want to eat, drink, dance all night or maybe you prefer that we take you to the hotel to get a good rest. We will do everything to make your first day in Belgrade unforgettable!

3. Day

After breakfast we are setting off to explore the city.

We will first visit the Church of Saint Sava – the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans. The temple was built in honour of Saint Sava, the first Serbian archbishop, who lived in the 13th century.

You will hear the story of the construction of the temple and visit its magnificent interior. The temple was painted by Serbian and Russian artists. It is decorated with icons of Serbian and Russian saints and the important figures from Serbian history.

After visiting the temple, we’ll take you on a tour of the Museum of Yugoslavia. The museum is dedicated to Tito, the lifetime president of Yugoslavia. Within the museum is his grave, as well as the grave of his wife Jovanka.

You will hear the story of Yugoslavia, a great and powerful country that no longer exists. Upon entering the museum, you will get the impression of the greatness of Tito, you will see what kind of gifts he received during his life from various presidents and foreign delegations.

After visiting the museum, we will take a short break in one of Belgrade’s cafes or restaurants, depending on whether you are hungry or you just want to drink a coffee. That all depends of your current mood.

Then we head towards Kalemegdan. Before Kalemegdan, we will visit the most important Belgrade Church – the Cathedral. Here you will hear some more interesting stories from Serbian history.

For a detailed description and photos of Kalemegdan, visit the DESTINATIONS page.

Here we will introduce you to the traces of the Ottoman Empire and show you everything that the Turks built in Belgrade.

After the tour, we’ll  go for dinner to one of the restaurants of Serbian or international cuisine in accordance to  your wishes.

After dinner, we recommend you a short break at the hotel so you can prepare for another crazy night, again, all by your wishes.

4. Day

After breakfast, we leave for Eastern Serbia.

You will have a chance to see a little bit of a different Serbia, to pass through Serbian villages and find out something of their life. Our first stop is the fortress of Golubac.

It was built on inaccessible cliffs near the widest part of the Danube (around 6km) and nowadays is one of the best preserved fortresses in Serbia. Golubac was built from stone on the location of former Roman fortification and had been for centuries the place that controlled the Đerdap canyon. National park Đerdap is the region where Danube’s flow created the greatest river canyon in Europe 98 km long.

After that, we are going to visit the archeological site Lepenski Vir.

Lepenski Vir is one of biggest and most important archaeological sites on this territory. We will see prehistoric urban settlement that has been populated 8000 years ago, cultural, architectural heritage of Lepenski Vir culture and their way of life. After the visit to Lepenski Vir sight, we will take a lunch break at a restaurant on the bank of the Danube.

After lunch, we take you on an unforgettable boat ride through the Djerdap gorge. You will enjoy the view and hear interesting stories about the history of this area, from the time when the Romans ruled. Get ready for an adventure, because we take you to a national park and untouched nature.

After a two-hour boat ride, we head towards Sokobanja. We arrive in the evening and check into a hotel. After checking into the hotel we go to dinner at a restaurant in the center of Sokobanja. Return to the hotel.

5. Day

After breakfast we visit Sokobanja and its most famous picnic areas.

We enjoy the beautiful nature and climb Sokograd. There are the remains of a medieval fortress, which is located high in the hills. Climbing to Sokograd takes about two hours, so this depends on your mood. If you are not in the mood to climb, we can take you to another picnic area. We can visit Lepterija, Ripaljka waterfall, Sesalačka cave. We advise you to carefully read the descriptions of all places in Sokobanja on our DESTINATIONS page. Also look at the photos and choose what you want to see from the offer. Lunch break is planned at the unique restaurant “Cave” (Cave). As the name suggests, this restaurant is built into the rocks, or cave, so staying in it is a unique experience. It also offers a large selection of Serbian national cuisine.

Near Sokobanja, there is one of the largest fishponds in Serbia, where trout are grown. By the way, you can also see the trout in the river, which flows through Sokobanja.

Free afternoon and evening to enjoy the beauties of Sokobanja or in the SPA center of your hotel.

6. Day

After breakfast we climb the mountain Rtanj.

Rtanj, with its positive energy coming from the interior of the Earth, heals the human organism and renews the energy, which is why it is increasingly visited by curious travellers. We go to the famous energy field where we will stay and where each of us will feel the benefits of this energy. After that, free time to relax and walk on this wonderful mountain.

In agreement with you, we will organize lunch and dinner. We also agree on the time of departure for Niš. Niš is an hour’s drive from Sokobanja, so we have the whole day at our disposal. We can spend the whole day on Rtanj, return to the center of Sokobanja, visit another picnic area or leave earlier for Nis – you decide. Accommodation in a hotel in Niš.

7. Day

After breakfast we leave for Đavolja Varoš.

We visit this natural phenomenon and enjoy the nature. For a description of Devil’s Town visit the DESTINATIONS page.

After the tour, we return to Nis and make a tour to the city. The city center is a pedestrian zone with lots of cafes and restaurants. In one of them we take a lunch break. Then we visit the Nis Fortress where you will see many monuments, some from ancient times, and some from the time of the Ottoman Empire. This is the last fortress we visit on this trip, after Petrovaradin, Kalemegdan and Golubac. Niš Fortress is a favourite place of Niš, which includes a large park and a space for relaxation. Here are also held Cultural events in the summer.

Free time in the center of Niš, dinner and return to the hotel.

8. Day

After breakfast we leave for Zlatibor.

We get there in the afternoon hours and we accommodate in hotel. After check-in we’ll introduce you to the city centre. We’ll show you places that could be very interesting in the next days. This day is planned for a tour to the ethno village Sirogojno and Stopića pećina (cave). We are also going to visit El Paso city.

The ethno village Sirogojno is an open air museum that displays the architecture, interior design of buildings and the organisation of the family life of the people in this region. Extends on over 50 hectares of land and has about 50 buildings that have been relocated into the museum form the surrounding villages of Zlatibor.

The museum consists of two parts. The first is a set of houses that have preserved their original appearance and purpose, and they make up a permanent museum exhibit formed in two Zlatibor infeilds. The second group consists of houses that have preserved their original appearance, but their purpose has changed, they have been adapted to a tourist needs. These are a hall, a souvenir shop, an inn, apartment buildings…

The Stopića Cave is located on the territory of the Rožanstvo village. It is situated 19 km from Zlatibor

The cave is easily accessed. Entry into the cave is 18 m tall and 35 m wide. It has a total length of 1,691 m. It is a river cave, as the stream of Trnavski Potok flows through it. It was named after the nearby Stopići hamlet of the Rožanstvo village.

Stopića cave has been protected by the state as the natural monument.

The thematic park El Paso City (crossing) is named after the eponymous border town in the United States. Just as the Rio Grande River forms the natural border between the United States and Mexico, here, also the river that flows through the El Paso City complex on Zlatibor divides the two thematic units into American and Serbian parts.

At the same time, this is a meeting place of two cultures. On one side of the river there is a cowboy town and an Indian village, while on the other bank there is a Serbian part with a church and a nice hamlet of Zlatibor. Passing through El Paso City you will experience two different climates in the same time period from 1865 to 1890, but in different parts of the world.

The spacious thematic park offers to the visitors a number of attractions that are divided into several ambient units:

cowboy town
an Indian village
Zlatibor hamlet

After visiting these places you will have a dinner and free evening in the centre of Zlatibor.

9. Day

Departure from Zlatibor in morning hours, transfer to Special natural reserve „Uvac“.

Griffon vulture

The Reserve is located between mountains Javor and Zlatar and covers surface of Uvac Lake and part of the River Uvac. The main attraction of the Reserve is the habitat of Griffon vulture. During this tour you will have the opportunity to observe these fantastic birds in their natural environment. Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) is relatively rare species of bird of prey whose population in Uvac Reserve is the biggest in Europe. Bird’s wing span is about 3m, weight – up to 11 kg which makes this griffon biggest bird in Serbia.

Uvac meanders

Griffon vulture is not the only attraction of the Reserve; this is why the tour goes on a water way from the dam up to meanders. For centuries Uvac has been making its way through mountains leaving deep meanders and creating caves that annually attract lots of tourists. During sailing on meanders we’ll stop by Ice and Ušač caves, and the strongest of us way try to climb to the observation platform that offers one of the beautiful views in Serbia.


Coming back to Zlatibor in the evening.

10. Day

After breakfast departure to Drvengrad (Mokra Gora)

Mokra Gora

Departure from Zlatibor in morning hours and transfer to Mokra Gora – picturesque mountainous village hidden between Zlatibor and Tara. This is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Serbia, mainly because of the “Šargan Eight” and Kusturica’s Drvengrad or Küstendorf.

Šargan Eight

After arrival in Mokra Gora we change our vehicle and one part of the way pass on old trained called “Ćira”. The train travels of the bottom of Šargan mount, on a retro way shaped in the form of number eight; this is why it is called “Šargan eight”. It used to be a part of railway from Belgrade to Sarajevo. Journey on “Ćira” brings you back to past and lets you enjoy mountain sceneries and numerous tunnels and viaducts. Train journey is over at Jatare station and get to Kustenforf, our next destination.


Ethnic-village Drvengrad or Kustendorf – authentic complex created by the famous movie director Emir Kusturica and located at Mećavnik mount near the Tara mountain chain. All the objects, including Mećavnik Hotel, apartment houses, galleries, shops, cinema and churches are made of natural materials, mostly from wood, the reason Drvengrad is called this way (Drvo – wood, grad – town). Here the traditional film festival „Kustendorf“ is held, biggest movie stars from all over the world come here to enjoy Drvengrad.


The last part of the tour is booked for visiting Višegrad in Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kusturica used his imagination and creativity here as well and built Andrićgrad complex. It is a cultural center with numerous buildings and facilities built in 2012 on the banks of Drina river nearby the famous Bridge. That very bridge was described in the title of novel by Nobel prized writer Ivo Andrić “Na Drini ćuprija” or “The Bridge on the Drina”. In his honor Kusturica’s grad was called Andrićgrad. In the end of the tour we’ll have a lunch in one of the traditional restaurant. Transfer to Zlatibor.

11. Day

After breakfast departure to Tara

Our journey starts in Bajina Bašta, a beautiful small town on the Drina riverbank. We stop for a short visit to the place where you can see “The House of the Rising Sun”. The photo of this house was among the best photos in the National Geographic photo competition in 2012.

The next stop is Monastery Rača, the monastery of the king Dragutin, dating from the end of the 13th century.

Finally, we start our way uphill to Tara. The mountain Tara is a place of the extraordinary beauty. Not only does it hide natural, but men-made sights as well. It became a national park in 1981. And from that moment it is a protected area. Josif Pančić found the only endemic and relict species from our area which can be found only on this mountain. That is Serbian Spruce which has a prefix Pančić, after a botanic who found it.

Tara is famous for its viewpoints. During this tour, we visit two of them- Crnjeskovo (with an amazing view towards the Rača Canyon) and Kozja stena (view to the Drina Canyon).

Arrival to Zlatibor in the late afternoon.

12. Day

After breakfast we are leaving the hotel. Depending from the flight time, returning to Belgrade and transfer to the airport.


We will organize everything in accordance with you. The most important is that you get dressed comfortably and you get a good sleep, leave the rest to us. We guarantee you that you won’t regret it!


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