Have you always wanted to visit Novi Sad and Belgrade? Or you may have already visited it, but you haven’t discover it well enough?

We want to offer you a seven-day full enjoyment of the two most  important cities in Serbia, an all-inclusive arrangement.

You just have to come and relax. We will meet you at the airport and take you to an unforgettable experience.

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1. Day

We’ll meet you at the airport. We are going to Novi Sad, second largest city of Serbia. First we take you to a hotel . You don't have to hurry, we will wait for you as long as you want.

At a time you want, we can start with getting to know the city center.

We’ll see Dunavska and Zmaj Jovina Street that compose city’s pedestrian zone, the City Hall, Catholic Church, old city center and Synagogue.

Then we’ll follow to the right bank of Danube and a visit to Petrovaradin where the Fortress is located. It was built of medieval fortification foundation by Austrians in the 17th and 18th century in order to defend themselves from Turks. The Fortress is sometimes called „Danube’s Gibraltar“ for its strategic position.

Nowadays the Fortress is famous for one of the most prestigious music festivals EXIT.

After  a tour of the fortress, returning to the city center and going to dinner. After the dinner we will show you the nightlife of Novi Sad and take you to some of the best clubs, depending on your wishes.

2. Day

After breakfast departure to Fruška Gora, a mountain near the city.

We will enjoy nature and walks in the fresh air. Here we will visit some of the most important Serbian monasteries and get acquainted with Serbian history. We will visit the monasteries of Krusedol, Hopovo and Grgeteg. You will hear interesting stories about these places and why they are important for Serbia. After visiting Fruška Gora, we go to Sremski Karlovci. We will enjoy a walk through this nice little town and get to know its sights. We will take a lunch break in one of the restaurants of Serbian cuisine, where you will have the opportunity to try the best dishes. After lunch and a short break we go to one of the many wineries for wine tasting, for which this town is famous.

After relaxing at the winery, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste and buy the best wines, we are returning to Novi Sad. The rest of the day is a free time.

3. Day

After breakfast, departure for Zemun.

After breakfast, departure for Zemun, which was once a separate city on the border of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire, and today is one of the Belgrade municipalities. We visit the center of Zemun, the old part of town – Gardoš and Zemun quay. We will enjoy a walk along the Danube, and then we will take a brake in one of the most famous fish restaurants in Zemun, on the river bank.

After that, we’ll have a free time in Zemun. In the afternoon departure for Belgrade and accommodation in a hotel. After settling into the hotel, we’ll take a short walk and get to know the city center.

After the walk, we take you to the most famous street with Serbian restaurants – Skadarlija, to taste one of the traditional Serbian dishes. It is the right time to enjoy a glass of the best Serbian brandy (rakija). We can stay with you at the restaurant and continue the story about Belgrade or we can wait for you outside. Everything according to your wishes and your mood! After dinner, we’ll show you the center of nightlife in the Balkans!

Belgrade is a city that is proud of its history and culture, as well of its very rich nightlife.

In accordance with your wishes and musical taste, we will organize a party at the best places in the city. Just tell us what do you want to do, do you want to eat, drink, dance all night or maybe you prefer  that we take you to the hotel to get a good rest. We will do everything to make your first day in Belgrade unforgettable!

4. Day

After the breakfast we will walk through the center of Belgrade.

After the breakfast we will walk through the center of Belgrade and get to know life and the people in it. We visit Knez Mihajlova Street, Trg Republike, Obilićev Venac, Dorćol and the Bajrakli Mosque.

You will hear a story about the history of Belgrade, as well as stories from the everyday life of its inhabitants. We will show you the best restaurants and cafes and all the places where you can return on your own.

Then we head towards Kalemegdan. Before Kalemegdan, we will visit the most important Belgrade Church – the Cathedral. Here you will hear some more interesting stories from Serbian history.

For a detailed description and photos of Kalemegdan, visit the DESTINATIONS page.

Here we will introduce you to the traces of the Ottoman Empire and show you everything that the Turks built in Belgrade.

After the tour, we’ll  go for dinner to one of the restaurants of Serbian or international cuisine in accordance to  your wishes.

After dinner, we recommend you a short break at the hotel so you can  prepare for another crazy night, again, all by your wishes.

5. Day

After breakfast we are setting off to explore the city.

We will first visit the Church of Saint Sava – the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans. The temple was built in honor of Saint Sava, the first Serbian archbishop, who lived in the 13th century.

You will hear the story of the construction of the temple and visit its magnificent interior. The temple was painted by  Serbian and Russian artists. It is decorated with icons of Serbian and Russian saints and the important figures from Serbian history.

After visiting the temple, we’ll take you on a tour of the Museum of Yugoslavia. The museum is dedicated to Tito, the lifetime president of Yugoslavia. Within the museum is his grave, as well as the grave of his wife Jovanka.

You will hear the story of Yugoslavia, a great and powerful country that no longer exists. Upon entering the museum, you will get the impression of the greatness of Tito, you will see what kind of gifts he received during his life from various presidents and foreign delegations.

After visiting the museum, we will take a short break in one of Belgrade’s cafes or restaurants, depending on whether you are hungry or you just want to drink a coffee. That all depends of your current mood.

After a short break we’ll take you to the Nikola Tesla Museum. Then we’ll visit King Alexander Boulevard, Tasmajdan Park and The Church of St. Mark, the favorite church of the citizens of Belgrade. Here you will hear the story of the history of Tasmajdan and find out interesting things about what it used to be here. The Church of St. Mark was built in the 1930s on the place where in 1830 the Hatisherif  was read, which represents the last step towards the establishment of the autonomy of the Principality of Serbia in relation to the Ottoman Empire.

With this act, Sultan Mahmud II’s acknowledged the autonomy of the Principality and independent public administration.

The second is the most important of the three hatisherifs (or four, including the Turkish constitution) that the Turkish sultan issued to the Serbs.

Hatisherif was also accompanied by the Sultan’s Berat, by which to Prince Miloš Obrenović was granted the right to form a dynasty.

After that, we are visiting the building of the Serbian Parliament, the old and new castle, the residence of the President of Serbia, Nikola Pasic Square, Terazije Square, Hotel Moscow.

After that we will recommend a walk through the central streets or a walk along the new quay on the bank of the Sava River, where a new and modern part of the city is being built, called Belgrade on Water.

Depending on your flight, we will organize additional activities. Transfer to the airport.


This is our suggestion on how you can spend your vacation in Novi Sad and Belgrade. If you want to visit something else, which is not covered by the arrangement, contact us and we will adjust the arrangement in accordance with your wishes. Also, the arrangement is not limited in time.

If you have the opportunity, we definitely suggest you stay another day longer!


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